Spring Maintenance Essentials: Eight tips to have your home ready for sale at all times

Early spring can be a great time to tackle some preven tative maintenance needs while at the same time you stay on top of the overall condition of your home should you need to enter the market and sell!

1. Weatherize your home – specifically your windows. Replace your windows’ calk and weather stripping for maximum efficiency – and save money on heating and cooling bills.

2. Give your gutters a good cleaning. A clogged gutter could lead to leaky roofs, water damage, mold or pest infestations.

3. Reevaluate your roof. Be on the lookout for missing or lose shingles or cracked tiles. Clear away debris that may have collected over the winter months to extend its life.

4. Check driveways for damage or cracks. Freezing or thawing climates can take a toll on pavement. Inspect for damage and make repairs as needed.

5. Inspect your AC. Changing your filter and having the unit serviced by a professional for peak performance levels can avoid costly unexpected repairs.

6. Beware of termites. Start checking for signs of termites like mud tunnels, damaged wood paneling, hollow sounding wood and pinholes are all signs you may have active termite infestation going on. Contact a local pest control company for treatment as soon as possible.

7. Put some love into the landscape. Trim the trees and keep shrubbery a safe distance from your home. Earth to wood contact invites many pests into your home and provides a clear path for termite damage.

8. Have a Fireplace…Call a chimney sweep. Making sure your chimney caps are in place and the damper is working correctly could save money on your energy bill and reduce unpleasant odors.

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